Boathouse Destruction
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Tabitha starts on roof 10-Mar-2001 8:30am

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Tabitha with more work

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John inside removes winch

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Tabitha still working on roof

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John and Jennifer start to remove junk from inside 

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Mouth of cove - The tide is out.

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Roof is off

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Lea makes short work of removing sides of boathouse

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Take our first break at 10:17am

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Fire getting hot

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Flames over 15 feet tall

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Joel takes apart the last of the frame. 11:00am 10-Mar-01

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The remains of the boathouse are now in the water

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Fire a little too hot to roast hotdogs

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12:05pm 10-Mar-01 Destruction is complete now only cleanup still to do

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John and wife Tina

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Norm Loraines Husband

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Raven one of Loraine's

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Andy one of Loraine's

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Lawerance Tina's oldest

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Marie Sinclair,
Loraine and Doug

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Celeste and Sandy Sinclair

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Sandy Sinclair

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Ryan one of Loraine's

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Hovercraft and Damifino 2

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Checking to see if Damifino 2 will start

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6:35pm 10-Mar-01 this is all that remains of boathouse

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Next morning - no boathouse - but still some coals on beach

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New view from Dad's chair

The destruction of the old boathouse was completed in just 3 1/2 hours with the help of John's family and friends





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