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from Jörg von Rönn

Today my Father, Gerhard von Rönn, the chronicler of the chronicle of von Rönne, received a letter from the publishing house Steinadler. He was asked to buy a

“Chronicle of von Rönn”

At a cost of 49,95 EUR if pre-ordered or 77,00 EUR  after it was published. Also he could get the coat of arms to buy and so on...

Anyone who wants to buy this book can do so, but you would be throwing away your money and it would be better to give the money as gift to poor people in the world.

My advice:  Hold onto your money and keep it in your pocket. The Chronicle of von Rönne, which is published here on the Internet, costs nothing. It contains more then 250 pages of our true ancestors. We will be making update to it in future. Print these pages with your printer and get the pages bound into a book.

The publishing house Steinadler only contains 25 pages of ancestors. The reliability of this information has not been verified, and we have not read the booklet.

Be Warned:   We have nothing to do with any publishing house works, and that includes Steinadler.  The only authorized works we can attest to are those found within these web pages located at:  www.v-roenn.de or www.vonronne.com.  

With best regards

Jörg von Rönn


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